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Mental Health Services provided by YCS includes psychological evaluation, counseling, testing, and various educational enrichments. Our clients include children, youth, and adults ranging from elementary school age through senior adults. YCS accepts referrals from different agencies such as Family and Children Services, Juvenile Court, Medical Doctors and Churches. YCS also accepts people who call on their own requesting help for themselves or their child. We maintain a special relationship with school systems as YCS is a primary source for referrals when needs arise in the educational setting. RULES without RELATIONSHIP lead to REBELLION. Our counsels deal with a variety of life issues ranging from acting up to acting out. Among issues we commonly address are grief, coping skills, anger, truancy, delinquency, depression, anxiety, abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and the impact of broken homes. Other psychological and personality issues are also addressed as needed. The counsel and/or guardian in consultation with the counselor will determine when to begin and end the counseling process. Length of counseling experience depends on the issues being addressed, severity of problems, and the type of service being rendered. Usually each session is 45 minutes in duration and sessions are scheduled once per week. Cancellation notice is requested to be 24 hours prior to the appointment time. YCS reserves the right not to schedule a client that demonstrates a pattern of missed appointments.                                   CONFIDENTIALITY                                                 Confidentiality of sessions is a high priority at YCS. Details of a client’s process are protected. The only time YCS must report is when there is actual or suspected child abuse, when a person is a threat to himself or another person or when court ordered.

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