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Helping Children One Family at a Time.                                  

Youth Counseling Services (YCS) offers a variety of psychological and counseling services to families of Southeastern Tennessee. In particular, YCS reaches out to children and youth needing assistance with issues of day-to-day living. Operating by professional standards, YCS is staffed with experienced and competent counselors ranging from Masters to Doctoral levels of training. In addition, YCS is a training site for future mental health professionals with some services offered by graduate interns under supervision.  The philosophy of care from which YCS operates is “it is easier to build a child than to repair an adult.” We believe that children are special gifts that need caring understanding and guidance. Healthy families are essential for healthy child development so YCS often includes parents in the counseling process. “Sometimes life is like an onion. You peel one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” YCS is a non-profit community counseling agency affiliated with the Center of Relational Health.

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